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As per the statistics released by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, more than 1.5 lakh people have died due to road-accidents in India last year with 1 person dying every 4 minutes on the roads.

Indian Head Injury Foundation (IHIF), in collaboration with iSafe, conducted its First Responders training with a view to develop trainers for future courses to cover 500 colleges in over 50 cities. This was a part of Indian Road Safety Campaign(IRSC) called iSafe or The Safer India Challenge'17. It is a 9 month long championship held annually, with the aim to reduce the deaths caused due to road accidents to half by 2020. One of the cornerstones of iSafe is to train 25,000+ first responders, specifically, students.

So, The Indian Head Injury Foundation (IHIF), of which I am the Honorary Medical Director, conducted its Primary Trauma Care (PTC) First Responders Course for 24 college students of Indian Institute of technology (IIT) Delhi and other Delhi University colleges.

First responders were taught the basics of Airway management, Breathing and Circulation (ABC)and how to use an AED device. They were taught how to stop bleeding, splint a fractured limb, apply the cervical collar, log roll and transfer to a stretcher safely. The basics of triaging and disaster drill were also covered. A full disaster drill will be covered on another occasion.

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