July 13, 2017

We are extremely thankful to Dr. Rajendra Prasad and his unit for operating on me. I was in extreme pain before the surgery and was confined to bed. Now I am much relieved of the pain and can do my daily chores. He also helped me with supporting me financially.

Ms. S. Kumari - 23

Lumbar Spine Surgery

Dear Dr. Prasad, Thank you for your wonderful treatment and help. The goodness and generosity you shared while your treatment was a great deal for me. Thanks a lot


Master Shivam - 7

Robotic Spine Surgery

Written by Hon. Siraju Juma Kaboyonga MP Tabora Constituency Current Chairman of Social Security Regulatory Authority, Tanzania (Tanzania 2005 – 2010).


Dr. Rajendra Prasad is a doctor who is very competent and experienced in the field of Neurosurgery whom I have seen associated with very closely for the past five years.

I have known this doctor who works at the Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi since 2007 when I was referred to him by Dr. Kinasha of Muhibili Hospital, Dar Es Salaam.


From 2007 up to mow Dr. Prasad has been attending my back ache problem very professionally.

It is important to note that I have been diagnosed to have problems at various levels of my back bone ranging from cervical, thoracic to the lumbar. In this regard Dr. Prasad has operated me three times, twice at lumbar area specifically in order to fix an artificial cartirage at L5-S1, then at L3-L4 in order to decompress this area and recently he successfully operated me at the cervical level in order to decompress the area and fuse C2 to C4.


In view of the above delicate and complicated operations which Dr. Prasad has managed them successfully, I would highly recommend the doctor to anybody who has back ache problems. He is a doctor who is professionally competent and very experience to deal with backaches at level of the back bone. 

Hon. Siraju Juma Kaboyonga - 66

June 05, 2011

I arrived here at Apollo Hospital on 6th June 2011 coming from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania after being offered a referral letter due to severe pains of both thigh muscles particularly muscle of lateralis vastus and medialis also moderate pains of the waist.

In Tanzania I was treated at Muhimbili Ortopaedic Institute (MOI) Dar Es Salaam and Muazim moja hospital in Zanzibar Islands by different doctors being neurosurgeons, neurophysicians, orthopaedic surgeon, physiotherapists and pharmacologist but the condition did not improve.

A diagnosis reached by the consultants is L4/5, L5/S1 disc prolapse associated with L5/S1 spondylolisthesis which on functional x-rays demonstrated significant instability. Therefore, Professor Joseph Kahamba, consultant and head of Neurosurgery decided to refer me for evaluation and L5/S1 stabilization.

Here at Apollo Hospital I was received by Dr. Rajendra Prasad who in first place attended me at the OPD and later admitted me, various investigations were immediately carried that is CT scan, MRI, chest x-ray, ECG, echocardiography, angiography, blood tests, urinalysis, HIV test and others. Results are attached in my files nod 3404 initially and now 2424.

Results of MRI, CT scan and x-rays were the initial to be released where by Dr. Prasad who is responsible to that decided to perform major surgery at the anterior and posterior of lumbar sacral regions. He came to my ward and explained to me his decision. That was a joyous information to me because he touched the expected decision of my former consultants. 

Dr. Simon S. Alifa Komba

Ant. & Posterior Lumbar Sacral surgery

July 02, 2017

A word of appreciation

Dear Dr Rajendra Prasad and Dr. Mano Bhaduria and Dr. Wangnoo, the entire administration and staff of Apollo Hospital in Delhi. Please receive heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for your excellent treatment you offered to me. I was admitted at your hospital on 1st July 2017 and had pituitary gland tumor on 3rd July 2017. The surgery was very well done and all other follow up services including radiation therapy were done with lots of expertise and experience. Today I am feeling well and my life is bright again. So thank you very much Doctors, Nurses and all staff at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital in New Delhi. My trip back home was nice and everybody at my family is appreciating your care. Thank you very much.

Father P.C. Swai - 59

Transnasal endoscopic decompression of sellar SOL

October 05, 2016

I came all the way from Bangladesh for treatment of leg pain of my wife. I made the appointment on line with Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Neurosurgeon. I am honored to ask me to give my comments as under:-

  1. Online appointment was very good and prompt.

  2. Reception at IPL was good.

  3. At Dr. Rajendra Prasad, he is a wonderful surgeon and a human being. He is keen to know in details and to help his patient. I am simply impressed with attitude and behavior and efficiency. My wife was rightly diagnosed and my heart full thanks to the doctor. I am in deed grateful to him. His secretary Ms. Prerna is also an efficient assistant. She greets patient with a smile and always try to help.

  4. One thing I surprised in Apollo hospital  for a second visit everywhere a payment is required at reduce rate of first visit but here no such payment was required to pay.

I had visited many hospitals like Nulf, Elizabeth, Singapore, and Bangkok.

The treatment cost and facilities are better than those hospital. I wish I would again if required, definitely recommend my friends / relative to visit Apollo Hospital, Delhi.

All the best.

Mrs. N. Anwar - 60

OPD patient

October 05, 2016

The above named is my son he is very good men since childhood. Before the accident he was a coach of National Basket Ball team, Tanzania. Now after the good treatment he seems fit enough to resume his previous works. The treatment that has undergone here at Apollo Hospital is very fantastic we appreciate their effort. Obvious before coming to the Apollo Hospital he was treated locally at Moj Hospital, Tanzania for almost seven years.

Please let me take this opportunity to sincerely thanks Apollo Hospital specially Dr. Rajendra Prasad and his team as whole for making the successful treatment of my beloved son to be perfect. I will also be giving thanks to people of information at marketing department for their day today help and good corporation. 

Mr. E.J. Mapunda - 34

June 26, 2015

Respected Dr. Rajendra Prasad,

Thank you very much indeed to you and your devoted team for taking care of me during my stay at Apollo Hospital from June 20th to June 27th ‘ 2015 and follow up visits. I was really impressed by the friendly atmosphere and expertise at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital. 

Mr. C.Singh - 58

Brain Surgery (SDH)

January 03, 2023

I underwent spinal surgery under the able leadership of neurosurgeon, Dr. Rajendra Prasad and his team in August 2011 in Indraprastha Apollo hospital and got discharged painlessly on 3rd Sep 11. Dr. Prasad’s team of young Doctors and nursing staff was excellent. Dr. Prasad made me to walk in Intensive Care Unit itself. Before I got admitted, Dr. Prasad convinced me that after operation, I will be absolutely normal and he did it. Though I was hesitant to undergo spinal surgery, he persuaded and told that I am like his elder brother and as a Doctor, he would like to operate me and see that I walk straight upto 5 kms a day.  Dr. Prasad also stated that due to financial constraint, if required, will not charge surgery fee. After operation, Dr. Prasad came to me in ICU & encouraged and told me that now you are fit to walk straight 5kms a day.

I salute Dr. Prasad for his encouragement and excellent counseling.



I am suffering from cervical spinal injury since 2000. After the injury I was not able to do anything then I started to come in Apollo in 2004 under care of Dr. Rajendra Prasad, he operated me three times. After these surgeries I have improved a lot. Now I can sit for a longer period, can manage to go to college where I have finished my advance diploma in IT, can do typing. I thank to God and the doctors who did the operation for improving my condition upto now and they are still working hard on me to improve my condition. God bless them all and I pray for Dr. Prasad and his team members – Dr. B. K. Singh, Dr. Shyam Sundar and nurses of the Apollo hospital.his item. Give people the info they need to go ahead and take the action you want. To make this item your own, click here > Add & Manage Items.

Carolina Paul Nyalusi


February 23, 2023

I really thank mighty God for making me meet Dr. Rajendra Prasad and thank doctor for tireless and devoted work which today I am going again a happy woman. God may bless him and give him strength and good health so that he could continue serving us.

Manjulla Jogy Maganga


May 28, 2023

I fell critically ill on December 24, 2008 and was hospitalized in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. As my condition worsened I was rushed by air ambulance to Aga Khan University Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya where I was diagnosed with Potts spine disease, kidney failure and TB of the back bone. After two months at Aga Khan Hospital, I was flown to Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi for further treatment. All the above information was communicated to me by my wife Mrs. Irene as I was unconscious for most of the time.


We arrived to Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals on February 27, 2009 and was promptly hospitalized. The doctor in-charge of my case was Dr. Rajendra Prasad, a humble and dedicated doctor. It is rarely that one comes across such a caring human being. Certainly I owe him my life, although he does not want me to say so. He was truly God sent to pull me back to life, and you will know what I mean if you look me now; my TB is completely gone; my kidney problem has improved tremendously, and on top of all that I can now walk! As I was severely sick at the beginning, I was not aware of what was happening but my wife Irene narrated to me all about it when I regained my consciousness; like how many times a day Dr. Prasad used to come to my room just to check on my condition.


It took me more than seven months to fully gain my consciousness; that is from 24th December 2008 to 15th August 2009 when I was discharged from Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi. Since then I have been coming regularly for check-up and Dr. Prasad is still attending me with his dedicated members of staff.


My wife and I personally take this opportunity to thank Dr. Rajendra Prasad and his team plus all doctors at Indraprastha Apollo Hospitals, New Delhi, who in one way or the other made me what I am today, a healthy vibrant person. Their dedication to the sick is truly appreciated. May Almighty God continue to give you all good health and the ability to perform many more miracles on His behalf.


Thank you Dr. Prasad for saving my life.

Peter J. Ngumbullu

Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

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